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Painting our Vision


Throughout the term, the Year 3 Neighbourhood has participated in a five-week-long Artist in Residency program with Nikki Carabetta, Artist and Aboriginal Cultural Consultant for Catholic Education South Australia. 

Each class began the program by brainstorming a theme that could be utilised in their painting which they choose together as a class. All themes chosen had a meaningful connection to the students and our Nazareth Community.

The themes chosen by the students were:

  • 3F: ‘Connecting Family Faith and Education’, inspired by the Nazareth Vision
  • 3G: 'Welcome', also inspired by the Nazareth Vision
  • 3GM: ‘Be the Light’, inspired by our Community theme for 2022

Each class then explored a range of symbols, including indigenous culture and religions that could be used in their painting to help represent their chosen theme. 

Over the course of the residency program, the Year 3 classes met with Nikki every Thursday to create the visual concept for their painting. Each student worked together by taking turns to paint elements of the artwork. This begins with the background and then the overlaying symbols that were explored by the students to show their connection with their theme. 

“I enjoyed the dot painting and painting the country flags. I like the different colours we used”
Amelia Dragani (3G)

“I liked the experience of painting…. I would not usually use my hands for painting. I’ve learnt a lot about Aboriginal painting and think the canvas will look good in the school” - Finn Jarman (3G)

“I liked learning about indigenous culture” - Paolo Caruso (3G)