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Celebrating success for all in SACE


It has been a dynamic year for our Year 12 Class of 2021, the first cohort to engage in learning as senior students at the St Gabriel Centre. As their outstanding SACE results were announced earlier in the week, we were proud to celebrate the success for each and every student, as well as a number of incredible individual highlights.

Results released by the SACE Board on Monday revealed the 2021 Nazareth Catholic College Dux as Thomas Frew, who achieved an ATAR of 99.80 with merits in Research Project and Digital Technologies.

Adding to his list of Year 12 achievements, Thomas is one of only 30 students in the state to be named a recipient of a prestigious Governor of South Australia Commendation – Excellence Award. The commendation acknowledges Thomas’ substantial investigation into possible life forms on the terrestrial planets of the stellar system, where his findings are being published by the Australian Centre for Astrobiology.

The investigation wasn’t enough to keep high-achiever Thomas busy – his additional Year 12 activities included designing and building a digital application ‘SACEOLOGY’ to help students and teachers to understand and teach the SACE, which also presented him the winner of the Australian Defence Force’s Future Innovators Award.

His impressive Year 12 results have guaranteed Thomas entry into a Bachelor of Computer Science (Advanced) at the University of Adelaide, which he will commence in 2022.

“I think Uni will be really fun! I’m looking forward to the hands-on programming opportunities and I’m hoping that the advanced course can offer the kinds of things I want to learn to accelerate me into a great job and future!” said Thomas.

Thomas Frew, 2021 Nazareth Catholic College Dux, and his proud Mum Sandra.

Pictured: Thomas Frew, 2021 Nazareth Catholic College Dux, and his proud Mum Sandra.

Thomas’s achievements were closely followed by Mitchell Kennedy, our College’s 2021 Proxime Accessit, who received an ATAR of 99.60 with merits in Specialist Mathematics and Religion Studies.

The Kennedy family, who transitioned from Sacred Heart Mildura Primary School, are proud to attribute Mitchell’s academic success to a foundation in Catholic Education.

Equally as important to Mitch were his sport and his friends – the outlets that allowed him to make a strong finish “reducing stress and not burning out” he said.

“I think what also led me to success in Year 12 was the fact that I enjoyed what I studied,” added Mitch.

Mitchell Kennedy, Nazareth Catholic College 2021 Proxime Accessit, with his proud parents.
Pictured: Mitchell Kennedy, Nazareth Catholic College 2021 Proxime Accessit, with his proud parents.

Our top 5 highest academic achievers for the Class of 2021 also included Lia Romeo, who achieved an ATAR of 98.85 with three merits (Research Project, Child Studies and Religion Studies), Jake Baker, who achieved an ATAR of 98.75 with merit (Religion Studies) and Tayla Filletti who achieved an ATAR of 98.70 with two merits (Nutrition and Religion Studies).

A total of 26 merits (A+ with perfect score) were awarded to 17 Nazareth students across a wide variety of subjects. Each year at Nazareth we observe leading success for merits in Research Project, and 2021 was no exception with 9 of the 26 merits being awarded for this subject.

Of the 1,215 Stage 2 results received by students for subjects undertaken at Nazareth, 419 of these were across the A grade band. This accounts for approximately 35.5% of all results – equating to a 5% increase in A grades since 2020.

82.5% of all results were within the A or B grade band.

29 Nazareth students achieved an ATAR greater than 90.00, placing them within the top 10% of students in the state.

In reflection of the outstanding SACE data released on Monday, College Principal Mr Andrew Baker had the following thoughts to share:

"I don’t believe there is a particular ‘secret’ to success in SACE, but rather a combination of organisation and commitment, passion for your subjects and hard work. I have always held the belief that as long as any student can complete Year 12 with their head held high to say ‘I did my very best’, that this is all anyone can ask of them. One of my favourite quotes from Vince Lombardi sums this up; “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence”. 

Each and every student’s journey is unique and at Nazareth we are proud to support the many pathways students take to achieve the SACE, including VET, traineeships and school-based apprenticeships. Increasing numbers of students, (10% of Year 12s in 2021) are including a vocational education component in their SACE workload. This included 28 Nazareth students who reached a VET Certificate III level in 2021 – with several having job offers already in a range of industries including childcare, business, fitness and trade.

Alanis Nagel (who graduated with a 93.95 ATAR and two merits) was recognised with an award for her success in Aviation Studies; a component of her SACE that she studied externally at Glenunga International High School. Her proficiency in the subject put her on the radar of the Australian Defence Force Academy at which she has now secured a position for next year.

At Nazareth we view education as a partnership between school and home. At this time as we celebrate the success of the graduating Class of 2021, we acknowledge and thank the families and staff who have facilitated an inspiring and supportive learning journey across the years for these students.

Results Highlights:

  • 100% SACE Completion for the twelfth consecutive year
  • 26 results of ‘A+ with Merit’ were achieved by Nazareth students (listed below)
  • 419 subject results were across the A grade band (5% more than in 2020, equating to over a third of all results)
  • 29 students received an ATAR over 90 placing them in the top 10% of all students in South Australia (listed below)
  • Nazareth Catholic College Dux for 2021: Thomas Frew with an ATAR of 99.80 and two merits
  • Nazareth Catholic College Proxime Accessit for 2021: Mitchell Kennedy with an ATAR of 99.60 and two merits

Merit Recipients

Baker, Jake           Religion Studies
Didone, Carla      General Mathematics
Dinh, Nhu Y Research Project B
Dippy, Imogen       Research Project B
Esmilio, Ian           Research Project B
Filleti, Tayla Nutrition, Religion Studies
Frew, Ella  Child Studies
Frew, Thomas        Research Project B, Digital Technologies
Hauptman, Emma            Research Project B
Kennedy, Mitchell Specialist Mathematics, Religion Studies
Littleton, Amelia  Society and Culture
Nagel, Alanis        Religion Studies, Research Project B
Partridge, Joshua           Society and Culture, Media Studies
Paul, Ashlea         Research Project B, Religion Studies
Romeo, Lia           Research Project B, Child Studies, Religion Studies
Ryan, Kenadee     English
Stamatelopoulos, Zoi      Research Project B, Religion Studies


ATARs Over 90.00

Frew, Thomas 99.80
Kennedy, Mitchell 99.60
Romeo, Lia 98.85
Baker, Jake           98.75
Filleti, Tayla           98.70
Fernandez, Marvin           98.05
Dippy, Imogen       97.90
Kyriacou, Demetrios        97.70
Partridge, Joshua           97.25
Dinh, Nhu Y 97.10
Frew, Ella  96.80
Seslija, Tanya       96.80
Falanga, Chantelle         96.65
Stamatelopoulos, Zoi      95.75
Callisto, Luke      95.45
Caldow, Erin       95.25
Hauptman, Emma            95.20
Uzunovic, Daniel 94.80
Ryan, Kenadee     94.65
Harrison, Jack    94.50
Paul, Ashlea         94.40
Baker, Zac            94.30
Didone, Carla      94.00
Nagel, Alanis        93.95
Featherby, Lauren            92.75
Iommazzo, Dion  91.10
Bakota, Aleah      90.35
Panos, Paris          90.05
Ciampa, Tiana      90.00


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