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Language Learning Beyond the Classroom


Earlier this Term, senior Language students were engrossed in the cultures of Japanese and Italian during two Immersion Camps. 

The overnight camps, exploring some of the richest cultural sights in Adelaide, allowed students to experience several “real-life” language scenarios, and practice their Japanese and Italian communication skills.

Guided by teachers Ms Megan Lock and Mr Andrew McNicol, Stage 2 Japanese students made their way into Adelaide city, where they were given an insight into Japanese life by trying new foods and participating in a variety of different activities.

The Japanese immersion was kicked off with a Judo class at the University of South Australia. Judo is a very well-known traditional martial art, famous for its unique style. After watching a demonstration from the two sensei, students were given the opportunity to practice some basic skills.

Lunch was enjoyed at Ajisen Ramen and then a visit to the Art Gallery to view the installation by famous Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama, called Spirit of the Pumpkins. This was a real highlight of the experience.

After visiting Himeji Garden for some grammar practice, the students went for a Traditional Japanese Style, 5-course meal at Nagomi Japanese Kitchen, where they were joined by Ms Dametto! The evening was closed with a Japanese movie night at West Beach Retreat.
On the second day, students returned to the Flinders Park Campus for a day of intensive learning, beginning with Obento Box making in preparation for lunch. Stage 1 students joined the group for an interactive Taiko (Japanese Drumming) lesson, and a quiz in the afternoon.

“The Japanese Immersion trip gave us a chance to really practice our Japanese language skills and grammar” said Taelen Cresswell, Year 11.

“It was a fantastic, thoroughly enjoyable experience, that allowed us to gain a richer understanding of Japanese Culture and language.”

Senior Italian students enjoyed a similar immersion experience guided by Ms Grace Gava and Ms Mirella Romeo, they travelled to McLaren Vale to absorb themselves in the Italian influence of the region.

The itinerary for the Italian immersion experience included a cannoli cooking class with Santopalato, educational visits to the Piazza Della Valle and grammar workshops in the McLaren Vale Town Hall, followed by a bocce tournament and pasta cooking. Of course no Italian experience would be complete without a Pizza tasting, and students were fortunate to visit Pizzateca for this.


At Nazareth we are proud to provide students with these unique and rich opportunities to take their education beyond the classroom, where they can experience a variety of perspectives. 

These language immersion camps substantially enhance the language learning experience and provide invaluable occasions for students to develop confidence, cultural awareness and skills in communicating with diverse people.