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'Old Gold' Graduate Story: Jessica Henry (2012)


Jessica Henry (2012), after rekindling her childhood dream and completing a short TAFE fashion course and continuing her pursuit of learning, completed a Bachelor of Creative Arts: Fashion Design in partnership with Flinders University and TAFE.

With this renewal of her lifelong interest, Jessica currently works as a Product Developer and Design Assistant at Davie Group which includes 3 main businesses: Oodie, Calming Blankets and Pupnaps.

Jessica shares her time at Nazareth, how the College has supported her, and how her own resilience helped her get to where she is today.

“I’ve always been creative and in high school and I knew I always wanted to go into the fashion industry somehow, so I picked the art classes (Dance, Art, Design, Photography, TEF). The teachers were always such a help and truly looked after me.”

“Once I graduated from high school, I didn’t think fashion would be a great choice considering it is a bit of a hard career to get into, especially in Adelaide. However, I am glad I did eventually get my stride back and I am grateful for what the journey has taught me”.

Jessica also expressed that a milestone for her was her final assignment for her Bachelor’s degree which was to create/design and sew a 5-piece collection to be shown down a runway, which ultimately reinforced for her that she wanted to be a fashion designer or be a part of the fashion industry.

Jessica’s advice to Year 12 students who are unsure about their career choices is:

“You should not rush into something you’re not 100% set on. When I graduated from high school, I applied for a Bachelor of Nursing as it’s a universal career and I thought I would always be able to find a job. I struggled, and was extremely unhappy during that first year of nursing and I chose not to continue. I had a few 'gap years' where I really focused on myself and eventually found my passion for sewing and design again which led me to the career I have now”.