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Students over the moon about Adelaide's new Space Discovery Centre


Astro-oriented students are over the moon today after the official launch of the new Australian Space Discovery Centre at Lot Fourteen in Adelaide!


Year 8 student Georgia Parker was lucky enough to witness Prime Minister Scott Morrison unveil the Centre this morning and highlight the vision for our country’s space sector.


“The Space Centre will mean a lot for students who are passionate about space and can see a future career working in space,” said Georgia.


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Girl Power Inspiring Change | Aaliyah's Eradicating Period Poverty


Driven by her Kenyan heritage, and inspired by her mother’s own philanthropic work, Year 11 student Aaliyah Sirengo has given birth to a special project called “In2Eradicating Period Poverty”.

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Wellbeing at Nazareth


The wellbeing of the students in our care at Nazareth Catholic Community is one of our highest priorities. To address this need, a new tailor made Wellbeing Program has been implemented across the R-12 College for 2021.

This new program aims to help prepare students for life both at school and beyond. Student and family input will be crucial to the success of the program.

Nazareth students lead full and busy lives. Often, in our community, we don't get an opportunity or the time to think about what makes us the person we are, and who we want to be. This program dedicates time to the consideration of identity, how we can manage ourselves to cope with or solve problems effectively, how we work with other people and provides opportunities to think about how we can connect with people who experience the world differently to help us better understand each other. 

On Friday Week 3, students from 7-12 commenced the new program at the Flinders Park Campus. It has been great to witness our students’ involvement in a program which is designed to support their personal development. Each activity has been designed to benefit individuals and groups, giving them skills and understandings that will help them as they get older and build relationships with others as they head towards the world of work.

The four topics that make up the new program are:

  • Identity- Discovering what kind of person each of us is will help us to be more in tune with ourselves, our health and helps to reduce the stresses that will come our way.
  • Managing Self- Knowing the best way to think and react in different situations so that our lives are more comfortable, more settled and more successful.
  • Collaboration- Throughout our lives, we all need to spend time and work with others to get things done; sometimes with people we know and get along with but also with people we don't know well. The ability to collaborate is one of the essential skills that future employers are looking for in workers.
  • Connecting and Reflecting- Taking the time and knowing how to make and find connections between people, information, issues and organisations. Knowing how to stop, think, and problem-solve is beneficial for our lives.

We look forward to seeing how the program develops with input from students and families.

Christian Martino | Assistant Principal – Student Development


The Wheels Keep on Turning - Thanks to our Operations Staff


For most of us the summer holidays are a period of rest, but for some in our community it's one of the busiest times of year!

We'd like to highlight and acknowledge all the work undertaken by Nazareth staff during the school holidays. Many people worked tirelessly during the summer break (taking only a short holiday from work) to ensure our campuses and resources were perfectly prepared for our Community to return last week.

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Kylan Beech receives 2020 Student Citizen Award - Role Model, Motivator and Leader


Described as a role model, motivator, and a leader who is caring and humble in his every encounter, it is with the utmost pride that we congratulate Kylan Beech on being awarded a 2020 Student Citizenship Award from the South Australia Branch, Order of Australia Association. 

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Yaak Yaak joins the NBA Global Academy – Nazareth’s third basketball sensation to receive a scholarship in 6 months.


Congratulations to our Year 11 student, Yaak Yaak, who has received a scholarship to join the NBA Global Academy – and is indeed the third Nazareth student to be offered this incredible opportunity within the last 6 months!

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Excellence in Education and Care


Our Early Childhood Centre was today acknowledged and awarded an Excellent Rating, the highest such rating as part of the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority.



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International Day of People with Disability


Today we celebrate the achievements and contributions, as well as raise awareness, understanding and acceptance of people with disability. 

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St Gabriel Centre to Open Ready for 2021


The St Gabriel Centre will be open and ready for teaching and learning at the beginning of Term 1, 2021. A short 6 - minute walk across the river from the Flinders Park campus, it will be a dedicated centre for our Year 12's. Nazareth's continued growth has enabled our Community to reimagine learning opportunities for senior students. 

A recording of the recent Community Forum will be available shortly.

View the 3D 'fly through' of the Centre to an insight into the experience our young people will have from 2021. 

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Presenting..... our Year 12 Research Projects.


The Nazareth Year 12 students excelled once again in undertaking their Research Project. The enthusiasm with which they embrace the opportunity to get deep learning in an area that they choose themselves, is inspiring. These young people really are conducting 21st century learning, designing their own questions, planning the ways they will investigate them and engaging meaningfully with the world to find the answers.

Some of their questions were:

  • What are the Medical and Economic benefits of using the Point Of Care Testing (POCT) Framework in Rural Indigenous Communities?
  • To what extent is adaptive clothing available for people with a disability in Australia and how can I create a marketing pitch to influence a fashion label to design and stock affordable and adaptive clothing?
  • How can Youth Organisations support young African Males to stay away from the wrong path?
  • To what extent can early identification and preventative measures support children with dyslexia?

This year so many students used communication tools such as Zoom to talk to people all over the world – often getting up in the middle of the night to communicate with experts in places like Norway, Canada and London. Conducting research in the middle of a world-wide pandemic is no easy feat, but the Nazareth students used imagination and perseverance to find answers. They have so many great stories to tell.

Here is a short student-led video filmed and edited by our Senior Photography Leader, Deahna Lappas, showcasing a handful of the Research Projects and their experiences.